Water Your Body: Application Review


So after months of Monday’s trying to remember to drink water and by Tuesday totally forgetting, and then resorting to setting reminders on my phone to drink water (and then forgetting to do that too).

I finally found the solution to my problem.

It’s an application that allows you to track your water (and other beverage) consumption and tells you when you’ve reached your goal for the day. That goal is set by inputting your weight and activity levels.

I like this application because it does its job by reminding you to drink water but not to the extent that it annoys you. You can still ignore the notification and when you pick up your phone it will display a little glass of water in your notification bar as a reminder. The notifications also stop at bed time and start again when you wake up, so be sure to set your sleep and wake times on the application.

The application is available on iTunes and Google Play Store for free.
Which applications do you use on a daily basis? Please leave your response in the comment section.


Elegant Touch Express, Press on Instant Manicure Review

Here’s what I would’ve liked to know before purchasing this particular brand.

Express French Manicure Nail ReviewElegant Touch Express Press On Instant Manicure (In packaging). French Manicure Nail Review

I’ve recently purchased Elegant Touch Express, Press on Instant Manicure from Dischem (pharmacy chain in South Africa) for R80 ($7) or so. I bought them to wear to a corporate year-end function.

The Elegant Touch Express nails look really good and I adore the thin French manicured design a lot. They look super neat, shiny and polished. I haven’t experienced chips or rubbing off of the French manicure, which usually occurs quite soon after application.

The sticky backing layer on the inside of the nail isn’t as thick as I’ve experienced with other brands, so the nail lies flat against the nail bed. However this sticky backing makes me very aware that the nails aren’t my own and that they could pop off at any time.

Some pressure from the tip of the nail directly upward, pushing the nail into the cuticle area, makes the artificial nail shift on the nail bed. The sticky backing also doesn’t cover the entire area of the artificial nail. There is a 2mm gap at the cuticle area that appears lighter (like an air bubble) under the artificial nail, this gap also allows for moisture to get in there.

Press on nails usually meet my  expectation if they last 1 week. The set I’mFrench Tip Manicure Press on nails wearing now I’ve had on for five days and they don’t feel any looser than what they did the day I stuck them on.

I would recommend Elegant Touch Express or press on nails to ladies who have a function for which they require neat looking nails, provided you don’t want the nails to stay on for much longer than a few days. It’s probably advisable that you try to keep your hands out of water as much as possible and avoid any bumping or digging in handbags in order to make them last longer. Yes, I know, not exactly practical.

Would I buy this brand again? Probably not, purely out of preference, as I’m not fond of the sticky backing, press on idea.

What do you think of press on nails? Am I the only one over 12 years old that buys them?

For any comments or advice on artificial nails please leave a comment. I love hearing tips, tricks and thoughts.