Hi there, I’m Charné Rosenberg, welcome to my spot on the internet.

I’ve been focused on a mission to escape mediocrity and be in a constant state of growth (preferably not in pant size but spiritually). Fully submerging myself in life in an involved, present and highly accountable way is how I challenge myself.

The Just Be Pixie site is aimed at providing women who read articles here with entertainment and a sense of empowerment. Although I am not practicing as a psychologist, I do offer informal support and tools for navigating life. This spot is where I post my advice, thoughts and opinions about health, wealth, mind and matters of the heart.

As a hobby I review free applications, products and places I’ve visited. So don’t be surprised if you trip over a review article on the site, I don’t “like” things, I tend to obsess.  I enjoy reading blogs and articles relating to neatness and new ways of organisation, written by people who seem to have their lives all figured out. Similarly, I am preoccupied with posts related to mental health, fitness and nutrition.

Please comment and share your thoughts on the various topics on this site. We are all friends here.

Too shy to speak publicly? Here’s a contact form, for my eyes only.


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