Are You “Taking a Break” From Something? A Guide to Getting to Things Now

Are you taking a break from something justbepixie

Hello there friends, I’m back.

So I’ve been missing for a couple of months and the reason behind it isn’t an excellent one.

I had a lot going on in my life. In March I started a new job and had to fall into a new routine. My logical thought was to give myself a break from writing. I also assumed there would be a point, after a month or two at most, at which I would feel like writing again. When that time comes then I’d automatically make time for it. So now close on half a year has passed and I’ve come to a scary realisation.

You will never feel like it!

Now I feel the need to elaborate. Yes, you can enjoy doing something, whether it is a project or a hobby but a day will come where you don’t have the energy, the motivation or the will to do it. Your brain will play nasty by making excuses for you. Who can blame it? That’s it’s job, to keep you in your comfort zone so that you don’t feel overworked, overwhelmed or fatigued. But in doing so, you stay on your comfort zone aka the zone where you don’t grow. You need to be exposed to discomfort in order to push through and learn to cope, it’s how you grow, right? Yes.

So previously my theory was that if you love something enough, it will exert a force great enough to overcome your brain’s excuses for staying in bed, or keeping you on YouTube instead of doing something productive. Now I’ve learned that nothing can exert a force strong enough to get you to do it without ifs butts and coconuts. There will always come a day where you just say: “Nope” and promptly hit the snooze button.

So you, yes you, in the middle of taking a break from gym, diet, writing, starting a website, putting that proposal for work on paper, creating a capsule cupboard, scrap booking or insert your life changing activity here. You are the person in charge of making sure that you become all that you envision yourself to be. In the big world there are no parents to tell you:”No you can’t have ice-cream for breakfast”, “You can’t spend the whole day in your pajamas, get up and brush your teeth”. It’s all on you. It’s your job to FORCE yourself.

My tips are:

1.     As soon as you have a thought or an idea, action it.

So if in the morning your alarm goes off because the previous night you thought it would be a nice idea to get up early. Do it immediately. Don’t let your mind talk you out of it and make excuses to keep you in bed. No! You can’t snooze the extra 30 min.  Your sound mind made a choice whilst it was motivated and your groggy mind is overriding that decision the next morning. Don’t entertain your zombie brain. Sure it’s going to be hard, it’s like ripping of a band-aid, just do it. You’ll be better off for it in 30 min time.

Similarly if you have a great idea, do not let it pass, make it happen by writing it down or telling someone about it. That way you get the ball rolling, your thought becomes something solid.

2.     Stop the negative internal dialog

I find that envisioning yourself reaching your goals is a good way to stop the negative talk. Focus your mental power on looking at your future self. So for example, the future you after three months of diet and exercise. The future you in your own office and an extra bit of spending money because the proposal went over great with the directors of the company you work for.

3.     Tell people about it

Share your ideas, dreams and visions for yourself with people. You are much less likely to climb into your comfort zone if you have people holding you responsible to be more and do more for yourself. People who have high expectations of you and who want to see you succeed are the best as they hold you accountable.

Its all on you to break that cycle and to ignore or be louder than the voice in your head that makes excuses for you! Do it by any means necessary.

Just remember your comfort zone is where you lack, have less of everything it is that you want. The only way to go beyond is to get out of it.

The lady who inspired me and opened my eyes is Mel Robins


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